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 At Couch we make the world’s best camera straps.

Here you can buy stylish, made in USA, extra durable, cruelty-free camera straps that rock. Your Couch Camera Straps is made of recycled guitar strap material from our sister site at Couch Guitar Straps so look sharp and shoot in peace knowing your camera strap is green, vegan, USA made and sturdy as all heck.

  We offer a bunch of cool styles and colors, and our prices are affordable without compromising quality.

Spruce up that camera of yours with our handmade camera straps made from recycled guitar strap pieces. These reversible straps are made of the exact same 2 inch wide strapping material as our incredibly high quality and often extremely limited edition guitar straps. Because of this we can keep the prices of those down to half or less than what some of our competitors charge for similar custom camera straps- most of our straps are about 20 bucks! On top of that ours look better are highly limited edition and unique.

The wider 2 inch design allows for a more comfortable "over the shoulder and across the chest" wearing of your camera. When walking through a crowd this can also allow to easily move your valuable camera to your back.

We also use lots of recycled and vintage deadstock materials and make our straps in a sweatshop free environment in Downtown Los Angeles, USA, so know that your camera straps has good karma too. 

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Camera Straps

Lead the way. Rock Couch Camera Straps.

This is the sister site of, the actual catalog for the camera straps is located on the main Couch site:

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Eco shopping for your camera and guitar.

Lead the way. Rock Couch .

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Matt Skiba of Alklaline Trio wears Couch in their new video "Mercy Me" and on CBS Television's The Late Late Show.
Laurita of The Randies wears one of our new Artist Series Guitar Straps. Check the new straps out here: Artist Series Guitar Straps.
Blake Miller of Moving Units rocking a Couch Racer X Guitar Strap. See these straps here: Racing Stripe Guitar Straps.

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